• Kentucky Derby part paint Thrill of the Race

    Thrill of the Race: A Kentucky Derby Scene [Video]

    39 seconds, that’s fast. See our new video of the Kentucky Derby’s Thrill of the Race 11×14″ classic paint by number...

  • 2004_1026PBNPICS0014 (2) Grant

    Paint by Number Tips & Techniques (fill me in)

    The process of painting by numbers is a relaxing, rewarding experience, and the result is a personal masterpiece. The...

  • Painting Mona Lisa

    Must-see: Toddlers Paint-by-Number Mona Lisa [Video]

    Easy123Art  & Montessori School of Louisville’s Toddler Classroom work together to create a magical paint-by-number moment with Mona Lisa...

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  • We know it’s not about us.

    Easy123Art, Inc. began in 1998 with a simple product that would gift anyone the experience of painting a masterpiece...