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    Photo Guidelines

    Choosing a suitable photograph is the first step in having the best experience possible with Easy123Art personalized photo products. The quality of your photo determines the final result of the painting, so it’s important to choose a suitable image to achieve a quality result. Here are some general guidelines:

    • Choose a clear, crisp photo with contrast between subjects and background

    • Close-up images, face only or head/shoulders work best

    • Mini kits are best with photos of only 1 subject, face only

    • Classic kits, choose close-up photos with 1 or 2 people

    • Big Kits work well with images of many subjects and details

    • Main subject(s) within your photograph should be 2/3 the size of the entire image

    • No images that are overexposed with too much light, or not enough light or blurry.

    Edit Requests may be requested in the ‘Notes’ space provided at checkout. Examples of reasonable edit requests are changing the background color or removing image details. For the most part, simple edit requests are permitted.

    Original, printed photographs and mail orders are no longer accepted for processing. If you have an original photograph, convert the original to a digital image by taking a photo of the original with a mobile phone or digital camera.

    File Upload Requirements

    You can drag a photo into the image upload box or select 'browse' to search for a file. File size requirements are important to follow to prevent upload errors. The maximum file size for uploads is 10MB; if your image exceeds this requirement, resize the image before uploading. Also important is file type, and the allowed file types are: jpg|jpeg|jpe, gif, png, bmp, tif. If your file is any other file type than one of the allowed types, you will need to resave the image as one of the allowed file types before uploading.

    If you have followed the file requirements and cannot seem to successfully upload your image, the cause may be a slow internet connection speed, which may trigger a file upload timeout. If this is the case, you will need to seek a better internet connection or further reduce the file size. Also, an outdated browser may present an issue, so be sure your browser is updated to the latest version or try a different browser altogether. For help with resolving an upload issue, you may submit a message: Contact Us.

    Order Confirmation

    Order confirmation emails are sent immediately after an order is placed. If an order confirmation email is not received after placing an order, please be sure to check spam folders and then email us.

    Copyright Photos

    The rule of thumb for submitting a photo for processing is that you must be the rightful owner of the image you are submitting. If you do not own the image, please obtain permission from the rightful owner and provide the proper authorization with your order.

    Acrylic Paints

    Acrylic paint quality may diminish after 1 year of non-use. Preserve unused paint sets in a temperate location with caps secured. Paint will dry and harden if left open for several hours. In this case, add warm water to improve consistency. If paints are solid or have a grainy consistency, it is possible the paints have frozen. It may be possible to restore frozen paints to original consistency by allowing the paint to thaw and stir thoroughly.

    Palette Choices

    Custom color palettes stylize your paint by number art with specific color combinations. Here are the color palette choices for custom paint by number:

    Classic Color Palette includes 42 colors. Photo colors are matched to the best color match in the classic color palette for a realistic portrait.

    Vintage Palette includes 18 varying shades of neutral colors, creating paintings that look antiqued with sepia tones.

    Artsy Palette includes 28 colors. Artsy palette converts images to personalized pop-art paintings with fun color combinations and background effects.

    Black & White Palette includes 8 grayscale colors for an abstract, high-contrast and modern effect.

    Cool Palette includes 13 colors from varied blues and grays and black and white, creating paintings that are monochrome and calm in color and tone.

    Simple & Detailed Patterns

    You can customize your paint by number outline pattern according to the detail level you prefer. Regardless of the pattern style you choose, it’s important to use good lighting and a magnifying tool can be helpful. Simple patterns have minimal detail and are an abstract impression of your photograph with minimal shading. Detailed patterns include fine details for a portrait quality result, may be challenging and time-intensive due to pattern complexity. Most popular pattern is detailed for a realistic result.


    Floating frame style is a borderless wood panel, 3/4″ thick with canvas attached. Gallery frame style is a traditional 1″ wood trim frame. Canvas is attached to backer board. Frameless kits include canvas with backer board. (excluding Big Kits).


    Custom orders typically process within 2-3 weeks and may require additional time for shipping due to holidays and order volume. Standard, non-custom items typically ship within 7-10 business days and may require additional time due to holidays and order volume.

    Any request to change an order after an order has been placed may affect the amount of time for processing. If your photograph is not received at the time an order is placed, this may delay processing.

    Combined Orders with both standard and personalized products may ship separately. Orders with 3 or more items, please allow additional processing time.

    Shipping costs and delivery time for USPS Priority/Select Ground Mail US Shipping $8 per order and 2-7 business days International Shipping $30 per order and 6 – 10 business days.

    Shipment tracking email includes a tracking link and estimated time of arrival. Undeliverable packages occurs when the shipping address is invalid or missing information, or the carrier is unable to deliver due to no available mail receptacle.

    International customs fees are determined by the customs agency within the destination country. Although charges are not always incurred, assessment of duties and taxes will be based on the value of the order and the tax-free threshold, if it exists, for goods imported into the destination country. Payment of any duties and taxes is the responsibility of the recipient, and these fees are collected at the time of delivery. More information can be obtained by contacting your local customs office.

    Order Changes, Returns, Refunds, Cancellations

    Request to change any part of a submitted order should be made within one (1) day of placing your order. Requests to change an existing order may require additional processing time.

    Returns & Refunds: Due to the custom nature of creating personalized products involving time and materials that cannot be repurposed for other products, refunds for personalized products are not permitted for reasons other than obvious defects in material or workmanship. To return a non-custom product, please email your request or contact us. Returns must be requested within 30 days from the date your order was received. To cancel an order that is currently in-process (standard or custom),please email: service@easy123art.com or contact us. Returned items due to an undeliverable address are restocked and store credit issued in the amount of the items purchased less shipping.

    Requests for order cancellations must be made within 2 business days of receipt of order.

    Painting Tips

    Before you begin, it may be important for you to create a reference guide. This can easily be achieved by taking a picture of the outline before you begin to paint.

    It’s a good idea to start with the small spaces and work your way to larger spaces to avoid missing fine details.

    Keep in mind, there is only one number for each space.

    Focus on the most important subjects. Pay close attention to painting the details within the main subject according to the outline. The background details may be less important to the final appearance of the portrait.

    Rinse your brush thoroughly when changing colors to prevent color mixing.

    For blending tips and other techniques, read more in the article Tips & Techniques.

    On-Hold Orders

    Custom orders received without an attached image are placed on hold and customer is notified. Custom orders without an image for processing are held for 30 days. After this time, store credit is issued and the order is cancelled.

    Gift Cards

    Gift cards are store credit, an alternate form of payment. Gift cards may be purchased in the shop and emailed to the purchaser or the gift card recipient. Store credit does not expire until balance is zero. Store credit may be redeemed during checkout.

    Wholesale & Branding

    Wholesale pricing is available upon request for items in the online shop catalog. In addition, we provide the development of brand-specific art kits, inspiring customers to experience your brand creatively. Perfect for any brand with the most loyal fans. Please email info@easy123art.com with your request.

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