Custom Paint by Numbers

11×14″ Classic Kit


Most popular custom paint by number kit includes everything you need to make a masterpiece. 11×14″ Classic Kit is the perfect size for hours of fun. Painting by numbers with stunning results!

Personalized Paint by Number

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    Paint by number kit includes:

    Artist canvas

    Numbered acrylic paint set

    (2) Artist detail brushes

    Instructions and tips

    Additional information

    Weight 1.14 lbs
    Dimensions 14 × .75 × 11 in
    SKU 665548150350
    What photos work best for custom paint by number?

    Choosing a suitable photograph is the first step in having the best experience possible with custom paint by number kits. The quality of your photo determines the final result of the painting, so it’s important to choose a suitable image to achieve a quality result.
    • Choose a clear, crisp photo with contrast between subjects and background
    • Close-up images, face only or head/shoulders work best
    • Mini kits are best with photos of only 1 subject, face only
    • Classic kits, choose close-up photos with 1 or 2 people
    • Big Kits work well with images of many subjects and details
    • Main subject(s) within your photograph should be 2/3 of the entire image
    • No images that are overexposed with too much light, or not enough light or blurry.
    Original, printed photographs and mail orders are no longer accepted for processing.
    If you have an original photograph, convert the original to a digital image by taking a photo of the original with a mobile phone or digital camera.
    Edit Requests may be requested in the ‘Notes’ space provided at checkout. Examples of reasonable edit requests are changing the background color or removing image details. For the most part, simple edit requests are permitted.

    How do I crop my photo?

    After uploading an image, click the Edit Image link to crop your image. Select arrows to rotate the image, drag corners of crop box to change crop size. Update and close the crop tool to save the cropped image.

    What are the Palette choices?

    Color palettes stylize your custom paint by number art with specific color combinations.

    Classic Color palette includes 42 colors. Photo colors are matched to the best color match in the classic color palette for a realistic portrait.
    Vintage palette includes 18 varying shades of neutral colors, creating paintings that look antiqued with sepia tones.
    Artsy palette includes 28 colors. Artsy palette converts images to personalized pop-art paintings with fun color combinations and backgrounds.
    Black & White palette includes 8 grayscale colors for an abstract, high-contrast effect.
    Cool palette includes 13 colors from varied blues and grays and black and white, creating paintings that are monochrome and calm in color and tone.

    What is Pattern style?

    You can customize your paint by number outline pattern according to the detail level, Simple or Detailed. Simple patterns have fewer details with minimal shades of color resulting in an abstract impression of your photograph. Detailed patterns include many fine details for a realistic result.

    Can I submit an image I found online for a custom paint by number?

    The rule of thumb for submitting a photo for processing is that you must be the rightful owner of the image you are submitting. If you do not own the image, please obtain permission from the rightful owner and provide the proper authorization with your order.


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