Yep, we did it again


Here’s what’s new… has a newly revamped website with an exclusive line-up of Ready-to-Paint Kits in a wild variety of pre-made paint by number collections. Our customer’s favorite, custom paint by numbers kit, has an easier than ever photo upload & crop tool. Plus, we’ve added a brand new palette for the adventurous at ‘art: the ‘Artsy’ palette which is likened to a PopArt style for your special photo.

Are you an artist? You are now!


All New: Ready-to-Paint Kits

Get ready! We’ve personally designed the lines for our Ready-to-Paint Kits collection with pre-made paint by number kits ranging from curious animals in ‘The Wild Ones‘ to ‘Classic Masterpieces‘ and for a chuckle or two, check out our ‘Kitsch and Giggles‘ collection. Perfectly easy gifts for the wild at ‘art. Get ready to make a scene with our Ready-to-Paint Kits starting at $24.99. Kits include everything you need to make your very own masterpiece.


Made Easier: Uploading

For our Photo Paint-by-Number Kit collection, our photo upload feature is now light as a feather, better than ever, and loads your photo instantly without long wait times. You may choose to crop your image or skip cropping altogether and we’ll crop it for you. Upload your photo, then customize with Classic Color, Vintage, or Artsy palettes. Don’t forget to add a signature frame to complete your kit or go Frameless. All original sizes available: Mini, Classic, and Big Kits.


New: ‘Artsy’ Palette

Just when you thought we had it all covered, we’ve gone totally artsy. Our classic color and vintage palettes have a new partner in ‘Artsy’. The ‘Artsy’ palette includes classic colors with a twist. Give us color control and we’ll liken your photo to a whimsical PopArt interpretation. Dare to get color crazy with an ‘Artsy’ rendition of your photo.   We’ll get creative with a color scheme that best suits your photo, so be prepared to allow us to do a number on your photo.


Made Easy: Gift Cards

The easiest gift of all for the choosiest on your list, gift an Easy123Art Gift Card which gives store credit toward any kit your giftee wishes. It’s easier than ever, just choose any amount for your Gift Card and we’ll email it directly to you for you to either print the gift card or email it. Bam, someone’s gonna be an artist!

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  1. acenova December 1, 2013

    this is a fantastic gift! it’s my go-to gift for birthdays and holidays. thanks for making it easy!

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