The Comic Con Experience: Wickedly Awesomely Cool


Let me take you on a quick adventure to the comic book art event known as Comic Con. The Wizard World hosted event in Louisville, Kentucky spanned 3 days as our crew bravely entered the arena of serious comic culture filled to the brim with perfect model citizens disguised as their favorite comic villain or superhero. A teensy bit frightening were some of the cosplayers, while others were quite sophisticated, debonair even (hat’s off to the Mad Hatter) and fit right in with our exhibit showcasing our all-new Alice in Wonderland collection, Personalized Paint by Number Kit collection, and other select products from the Ready-to-Paint Kit collection including Kentucky Derby® kits and Country Living Magazine kits.

With valuable vintage comic book merchandise alongside shiny new product spilling out of every booth, the real Comic Artists could be found in the spotlight, feverishly autographing their sought-after illustrations and snapping photos with fans who seemingly dwell in their fantasia. There was an urgency for favorite character merchandise: posters, pops, prints, you name it, it could be found in every character imaginable. A captivating sight for anyone unfamiliar with the territory – hence, I am now the proud owner of the Zombie King’s Deadpool art print and another art print of a mature Batman – the Caped Crusader – looking, well, better than ever, both signed by the artists. Polite conversation with one of the most well-credentialed, seasoned comic creators was a highlight as he reminisced about painting by numbers with a whispering voice and boyish grin. It was his first try at art, he says. From there, he went on to create the hugely successful comic book series, The Crow.

The whole Comic Con experience was fascinating and easy to see why fans idolize the Comic Artist who crafts these beloved characters, breathing life into them with every line sketched, every expression so carefully chosen, and every color perfectly shaded. The truth was in the excitement, we all secretly wish to possess their artistic talents just as we desire the superpowers found within their characters.

Cut to the Easy123Art booth. We were simply in awe of the happenings and just absorbed the vibe. The cosplayers visiting our booth seemed incredulous to our spiel that the numbers will give away to a painting that’s waiting to come to life. To prove this point, we came prepared with a couple of tricks of our own: really big paint by number demo panels of our very own version of Alice, a vintage comic panel of Superman, and a stealthy Batman — all of these with numbers and outlines, so easy. We gently coaxed some visitors to try – just fill in a numbered space for a free chance to win the final art piece, while we others were entertained by painting for a solid half hour. Over the course of the event, the art did indeed emerge just as promised. At the same time, it was apparent that we were offering a slice of relaxation right there in the middle of the Comic Con madness, and even better, an opportunity to become an artist at home with the purchase of a kit – potentially inspiring the next great Comic Artist. End.

Congratulations to the winners of the Easy123Art Demo Panels

You’ll receive all the demo panels & paints to finish the painting party at home.

Alice: Zeelin Rose

Batman: Derin Cash

Superman: Bobby Crosky

Thank you to everyone who participated and supported our effort.


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