We know it’s not about us.


Made in America. Louisville, KY | Easy 123 Art, Inc. began in 1998 with a simple product that would give anyone the experience of making their own masterpiece, and it incorporated something we all have and love…photographs. It was a modern take on the 1950’s era paint-by-number with a clever spin that initially set the stage for a mail order business. With the advances of digital technology, the mail order business evolved into an internet-based business with nearly 99% of all customer orders generated from digital photographs. Today, Easy 123 Art continues to operate as a custom job shop processing orders for individual consumers with plans to expand presence in other markets.

We know our business is not about us…it’s all about our customers. We clearly understand that the key to success is exceeding our customers’ expectations on all levels, not just price, delivery and quality, but also by opening communications with our customers. Within our site, we offer new channels to promote customer interaction through our blog and newsletter and the customer gallery.  While we strive to design custom paint-by-number kits that will stun, our customers are just as proud of their creations and clearly enjoy sharing their triumphs. It’s quite apparent, and proven by the steady growth in repeat business, our customers often become obsessed with our Kits.

Easy 123 Art is further strengthening the commitment to our customers by evolving the brand and offering complementary items to enhance custom products, extending product offerings to businesses and schools, and exploring all opportunities to remain competitive and relevant.

Welcome to our website and our custom paint by number products. We hope you like what you see and have a positive experience shopping our site. More than anything, we hope you are so completely satisfied with the results of these products that you’ll come back and visit with us again. Enjoy!


  1. tbwelling@hotmail.com January 25, 2014

    how can I mail a photo in for 11/14? I did it a few years ago.

    • Easy 123 Art January 25, 2014

      Hi there; you may mail your photo paint by number order to
      Easy123art, Inc.
      13293 O’Bannon Station Way
      Louisville, KY 40223-4188

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