“Hello Kits!”


Dear Friends,

Say hello to our Easy 123 Art Kit Collections. It’s our best collection of personalized paint-by-number kits in new sizes and shapes! Each Kit now includes your choice of all-natural wood frame, genuine canvas with your photo’s number pattern, and all the painting essentials you need to handcraft a masterpiece from your best photos. Now introducing…


The trendy Mini-Kit is a ‘best-for-faces’ custom photo kit to highlight yours truly. Sized at 8×8” with a Simple number-pattern makes this Kit ideal for most all ages. Designed for your wall, mantle, or shelf, select 4 or more Mini-Kits to create a modern collage in your home.

Classic Kit 

Voted ‘favorite’ by our customers, our Classic Kit is available in two versatile sizes (12×12” and 11×14”) & shapes (square and portrait) with your frame choice and your choice of Simple or Detailed number-pattern style. Choose Detailed and get all the good details in your photo. It’s the quintessential Paint-Your-Photo-by-Numbers© Kit, perfect for almost any photo.

The Big Kit

Of grand size and full of easy-to-see numbers, the Big Kit trumps them all when you need to cover some serious wall space. Canvas size 16”x16” and your choice of frame and Simple or Detailed number-pattern. Get the big picture and show off your paint-by-number talents. Plus, there’s enough room to share the nostalgic fun with friends and family.


Our long-time favorite Frameless Kits are also available for your customization. All of our custom paint by number kits may be purchased as Frameless kits, with canvas and backing for you to frame on your own. Get a frame or go frameless…kits all in the Shop.

PS. Don’t forget, we ship our Kits internationally. As we like to say, all for one and an Easy123Art for all!


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