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Must-see: Toddlers Paint-by-Number Mona Lisa [Video]

Painting Mona Lisa

Oh, the numbers. 6 million people see her each year at the Louvre in Paris, France. It’s been 500 years and her painted serenity is still a source of inspiration. The masterpiece portrait most famously known as “Mona Lisa”, carefully crafted by Italian artist and genius, Leonardo da Vinci, charms audiences worldwide with her mysterious smile and the realistic yet dreamy landscape she peacefully exists within. How did he do this, or is it her?

In this time-lapse video, Easy123Art  & Montessori School of Louisville’s Toddler Classroom [Louisville, Kentucky]  work together to create a magical paint-by-number moment with Mona Lisa resulting in a heartwarming, artful experience for the children and a silent auction item for the school’s annual fundraiser. Watch to see Mona Lisa live a brand new experience while the children make her smile. Be inspired, and of course, we hope this makes you smile…

Make your own Mona with our Ready-to-Paint Kit, Make Over Mona. Or, get inspired to paint your own photo by numbers with our most popular Classic Kit.

Musical Artist: Grant-Lee Phillips (Singer/Songwriter)

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  1. Author
    Easy 123 Art March 31, 2014

    This type of paint by number project can be custom made for school functions, fundraisers, corporate events, family reunions, birthday parties, anniversary parties, celebration parties for Christmas/Hanukkah, engagement parties, wedding receptions and more…where you can imagine a collaborative effort would be amusing and entertaining for groups of any size.

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